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  1. This workshop is organized by Genis Aci Project Office in Istanbul, between the dates 22-29 September 2012, in cooperation with Nikon. 11 photographers from 5 countries participated the workshop.

    In the announcements of the workshop, Ackerman had expressed his expectations from the participants as follows: “I would like each participant to work on an ongoing or a new project, to document a place, a person or a group of people in istanbul - a subject that each photographer must dedicate time to and visit repeatedly. The point is to take time, dig deeper and deeper, to question what the work you are doing is about and what it is actually revealing. During the workshop, I want to explore the potential of each project and let participants to be able to revisit and work with their subjects while we are in Istanbul."

    During the week, Ackerman held gatherings with the participants either as individuals or as a group. Each participant worked on a theme, and discussed the daily results with Ackerman and other participants. Here you can see a selection of the works they produced during the workshop.